There are many things you can do in your kitchen to display your herbs and spices. Some people have spice racks on the counter with colorful spices and herbs inside. Others hang their spice and herbs on the wall or a display shelf.  Decorating your kitchen can be easy and appealing with matching spice jars.

Buying a container for your herbs and spices is not a job to be taken lightly. It’s important to consider what types of situations are in your home before you buy spice jars for your pantry.

We prefer wide-mouth small glass jars but if you’re occasionally fumble-fingered, have small children or teens that like to cook, a tin or plastic bottle may be a better choice for safety, particularly if you have a stone, porcelain, or ceramic floor.

You can use small bottles to store things that get purchased in small quantities like juniper berries, whole nutmeg and mustard seed because dry contents can last a few years when sealed in glass and protected from direct sunlight.

The shape of the jars may be less important than ease of use and stability, but in any case remember that a matching set of jars can really make your kitchen look cool!

Smaller jars like these hold about 2 tablespoons spice which is a perfect size for spices that you don’t use all that often.

1.5oz. Spice & Herb Jar

1.5oz. Spice & Herb Jar

Wide mouth jars let you dip a  spoon inside the jar which is convenient for measuring. The jars below are available in 4 oz. size and hold 1/2 cup of spice. Also another nice size is 6 oz. jars that hold about 3/4 of a cup of herbs or spices. These are the perfect size for spices that you use alot.

6oz. Spice and Herb Jar

6oz. Spice and Herb Jar

No matter which spice jars you pick having jars that are the same size can make your kitchen look neat and orderly.

We’ll be adding containers to the shopping cart soon.